Aug 24th 2015

Cloud Computing Applications (Coursera)

Learn how to use the cloud and write programs for data analytics.

Learn of "cloudonomics," the underlying economic reasons that we are creating the cloud. Learn the basic concepts underlying cloud services and be able to use services like AWS or OpenStack Dashboard to construct cloud services or applications. Demonstrate your ability to create web services, massively parallel data intensive computations using Map/Reduce, NoSQL databases, and real-time processing of real-time data streams. Use machine learning tools to solve simple problems.

This course serves as an introduction to building applications for cloud computing based on emerging OpenStack and other platforms. The course includes concepts of:

- Baremetal provisioning

- Neutron networking

- Identity service

- Image service

- Orchestration

- Infrastructure as a service

- Software as a service

- Platform as a service

- MapReduce

- Big data

- Analytics

- Privacy and legal issues

The course will also include example problems and solutions to cloud computing, including hands-on laboratory experiments (Load Balancing and Web Services, MapReduce, Hive, Storm, and Mahout). Case studies will be drawn from Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, data mining, analytics, and machine learning.