Aug 7th 2017

Chemistry - Building Blocks of the World (Open2Study)

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Discover a world built by atoms, shaped by molecules and kept running with chemical reactions! This subject is an introduction to the world of chemistry. You will learn about atoms, the building blocks of everything around us. You’ll learn about how these atoms are put together to make compounds, to make most of the materials that we use every day. We’ll have some fun looking at some common types chemical reactions and finally, we’ll use our knowledge of these chemical reactions along with a new way of quantifying the world in order to be able to make powerful predictions about quantitative chemistry.

What will you learn?

- Identify different types of matter around you

- Develop an appreciation for some of the historical milestones in the development of modern chemistry

- Describe the basic structure of the atom, giving specific details for any given element

- Develop knowledge of the periodic table and its structure

- Explain why atoms join together to form different compounds

- Build and name simple ionic and covalent chemical compounds

- Read, write, balance and comprehend chemical reactions through the use of chemical equations

- Predict the solubility behaviour of simple ionic and covalent compounds

- Recognise common occurrences of acid-base, endothermic, exothermic and combustion reaction

- Comprehend the mole concept and how it relates to quantification

- Use the mole concept to be able to calculate masses, volumes, concentrations and the number of individual atoms that make up a given material

- Combine your understanding of chemical equations and the mole concept to make quantitative predictions regarding the outcome of a chemical reaction

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