Jun 20th 2016

Chemistry 1: Elements and Compounds and their properties

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Many students leave high school unprepared for the rigors of college chemistry. This course is the first in a series designed to give students an opportunity to review subjects from advanced high school chemistry at a pace conducive to their level, whether they are encountering the material for the first time or using the course as a refresher.

Instructors Allison Soult and Kim Woodrum bring their experience to the course covering atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, and reactions. Students will engage in calculations and video demonstrations of the concepts being discussed. They will complete practice problems and end of unit assessments to help gauge their understanding of the material.


- Identify components inside the atom, including electron structure.

- Determine properties of elements.

- Use the periodic table to compare elements according to atomic size and various energies.

- Predict chemical properties of the elements.

- Determine how atoms combine to form molecular and ionic compounds.

- Understand quantitative relationships for compounds, including molar mass and mass percent of an element in a compound.

- Explore how compounds react with one another to form new substances.

- Write balanced equations to represent what is happening in a reaction.