Nov 9th 2015

Career Edge: Design Your Career (edX)

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Assess your professional preferences, strengths, and interests to strategize and develop a career roadmap.

This career development course will help you assess your strengths and interests so you can strategize your career opportunities. You’ll develop a career roadmap by identifying which types of organizations and professions best align with your goals, and plan key steps to take you there. This course includes self-assessments, career tests, interactive exercises, goal planning simulations, and a gap analysis which will help you build your own career plan.

This is the first course in the five-part Career Edge Fullbridge XSeries, designed to prepare you for career success.

What you'll learn:

- Discover your working style and professional preferences

- Understand how different types of organizations impact the work experience

- Be knowledgeable about the different workplace functions and the types of skills required in different roles

- Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to focus on what skills you’ll need for your next job

- Develop your own career roadmap to build the knowledge and skills needed to succeed