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Career Basics for New Employees (SoundviewPro)

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Too many job-seekers enter an employment situation wearing a blindfold. Attorney Johanna Harris has spent her career untying the various legal entanglements that result when employees don’t take the time to read the fine print. In this course you’ll learn the secrets to decode the interview process, offer letters, background investigations and performance evaluations.

Prepare and protect yourself as you launch your successful career. If you’re in transition and prepared to go from having a job to loving your career, you need to be prepared before you sign on the dotted line. Learn the intricacies of employment from labor lawyer Johanna Harris. Find out the questions employers can and can’t ask during interviews and how you should answer them. You’ll also learn how to carefully read an offer letter and the how and why of background investigations. Ever wonder why a company runs a credit check on you, even if you won’t handle money in your new job? Harris answers this question and dozens more of the most common issues that cause frustration for potential employees. Once you land a position, you want to excel. That’s why the course concludes with advice on the mentoring process. Learn the do’s and don’ts of mentoring and the secrets of the performance review process.