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Canine DNA Evidence Collection (BHI)

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This on-line short course teaches you how to collect samples from dogs for DNA analysis in a manner that can provide the forensic evidence required for a court case. This is of particular importance where there has been a dog attack resulting in injury or death of another animal or human. Participants will gain an understanding of dog breeds and behaviour pertinent to dog attack situations, and learn a range of practical DNA evidence collection techniques.

This on-line course comprises content from veterinarians, clinical pathologists, the DEPI and Victoria Police. Each source provides relevant information and outlines the steps required to ensure that records, collection techniques and continuity of evidence meet the requisite legal standards.

This on-line short course will help Local Council Officers identify, collect and submit appropriate DNA samples to investigate a dog attack case. Training is self-paced and un-facilitated.

Learners can print a Certificate of Participation on successful completion of all activities.