Aug 29th 2016

Business Ethics for the Real World (

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This course is a self-paced course which may be taken at anytime the course is open. It is designed to provide an introduction to the subject of ethical behavior in business from a professor who has taught business ethics to graduate business students at Santa Clara University for 14 years and Stanford Graduate School of Business for 23 years.

This course provides an understanding of the nature of ethics, the role ethics plays in business, and the most commonly encountered ethical dilemmas in a business career. It provides practical advice on how to identify ethical dilemmas when they arise, how to get enough information to assess one’s responsibilities, how to analyze a complex ethical choice, and how to marshal one’s own resources and courage to act ethically. While the course includes some ethical theory, it is designed to be approachable by those who have no prior knowledge of business ethics, whether they are students, new employees, seasoned managers, or individuals who want a general understanding of business ethics. No specific background or preparation is necessary. It takes approximately 8 hours to complete. This course is one of two short courses offered by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics on business ethics. Those who complete this course will receive a letter of completion sent by email and digital badge from the instructor.

Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

- Define ethics and various levels of ethics (business, organizational, personal, system)

- Describe values and their influence on ethics

- Explain the importance of roles and responsibilities on ethics

- Discuss ethical dilemmas and unavoidable ethical dilemmas

- Analyze various approaches in making ethical decisions

- Define the ethical decision model

- Apply ethical decision model to various case studies