Build your web projects with REST APIs (OpenClassrooms)

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In this course, you'll learn about APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, which are an aspect of web development that can dramatically enrich your web projects! RESTful APIs are a great place to start, since they mimic the way the web functions at a broad level.

By using an application's API, you gain instant access to third-party information that will save you time and energy. For example, by using a weather service's API, you can integrate their weather-related data into your own web projects! ☀☔

REST API examples throughout the course will include that of familiar services like Instagram and Gmail, as well as IBM's powerful Watson artificial intelligence service through their Bluemix cloud platform.

Start this course, and get ready to take your apps to the next level!

By the end of this course, you'll learn:

- what an API is and why you'd use one;

- the standards that make a specifically "REST" API;

- why you'd choose a REST API over a different type;

- which elements comprise a REST API, such as resources, headers, and more

- how to send requests to an external services API;

- elementary knowledge to build your own API.