Apr 4th 2016

BUCUM: Building Capacities for University Management (Miríada X)

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This course provides the tools for the four essential challenges that facing the management of a global university in the knowledge societies of the 21st Century: the implementation of Career Design, the achievement of Risk Management, the running of Quality Assurance, and the formation of Knowledge Triangles.

In current knowledge society the role of University is strategic. The university is the organization that provides the suitable human capital that the entrepreneurial and social innovation system demands. Therefore needs to accomplish the implementation of Career Design and provide the guidance that the graduates claim. Besides, it is the institucion that first analyses the ris of our changing society. The Risk Management appears as the central objetive and direct link whit the concerns of the society. The way to guarantee its good performance in both aspects is the implementation of a flexible Quality Assurance. Only when the Universities reach successful routines in these three fields they have the capacities to start the building of the Knowledge Triangles.