May 17th 2016

Big Data for Smart Cities (edX)

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Learn the latest technologies for managing big data and using it to improve life in smart cities. Cities run on a stream of data. In the smart city, the innovative use of data helps provide better and more inventive services to improve people’s lives and make the entire city run more smoothly. But the data our cities collect nowadays is more massive and varied, and is accessed at higher speeds than ever before. This is Big Data. New technologies are constantly being developed to better manage Big Data. This computer science course, from the IEEE Smart Cities initiative and the University of Trento, helps students understand and use these new technologies to help improve a city.

Our international team of instructors and content experts discuss the fundamental concepts of Big Data and how it has changed Data Management. They provide a vision for managing Big Data today, and how we can make Big Data work for the smart city.

Verified students are eligible to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs), valid toward continuing education requirements for many professional certifications.

What you'll learn:

- The fundamental concepts of Big Data and how it changes traditional data management approaches

- Applications of Big Data to different sectors of a modern city, and how it can improve the life of its citizens

- Technologies and techniques for developing Big Data applications

- Commercial tools for big data management: how they work and how to apply them