Oct 11th 2016

Azure Networks (edX)

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Take your existing knowledge of on-premises networking and extend it to the Microsoft Azure environment. In this course, you’ll be introduced to virtual network configuration through the Microsoft Azure Portal and network configuration files.

You’ll also see how to use network services to configure and load balance network traffic using tools such as Azure DNS. Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, and Application Gateway. And because this is about the cloud, you’ll see how to connect your on-premises computers to Azure virtual networks as well as establishing connectivity between sites.

What you'll learn:

- How to plan virtual networks in Microsoft Azure

- How to implement and manage virtual networks

- How to configure inter-site connectivity with Microsoft Azure virtual networks.


- General understanding of cloud computing including services and usage models. This knowledge can be obtained with the edX Introduction to Cloud Computing course.

- PowerShell will be the tool of choice when implementing the features in this course. Learners should have a good foundation in accessing and using simple PowerShell commands. This knowledge can be obtained with the edX Introduction to Windows PowerShell course.

- Basic understanding of Azure services and components, including Azure PowerShell. This knowledge can be obtained from the edX Introduction to Microsoft Azure course.

- General understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies including virtual machines, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks. This knowledge can be obtained with the edX Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Fundamentals: Hyper-V course.

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