Sep 22nd 2014

The Art of Teaching History (Coursera)

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This class provides secondary history teachers with practical guidelines for developing and delivering a history curriculum that will engage students and make history a relevant and vital subject.

A good history class requires more than memorization of laundry lists of information – it requires students to read and write, to ask questions and think analytically, to be curious about the past. Students may be able to live perfectly fulfilled and happy lives unaware of what may seem like trivial historical information, but they cannot thrive in today's information society without the ability to read, write, and think at the highest levels. History, taught well, can help students develop those skills. History can also help students understand the world in which they live and how they fit into that world.

This class will lead teachers through an exploration of the importance of studying history and what it means to think historically. Teachers who take the class will learn how to explain the historical process of questioning and analytical thinking, creating rigorous lesson plans that help students develop the skills that will serve them well in any academic discipline.

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