Feb 9th 2016

AP® Spanish Language and Culture (edX)

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An interactive Spanish MOOC to prepare students for the AP language and culture exam. ¡Prepárense con nosotros!

Do you want to take the AP Spanish exam, but your school doesn’t offer a Spanish language course? Are you looking for a way to get more practice with and exposure to the AP Spanish exam in general? Then this interactive online course from Boston University Spanish instructors is for you.

This course, conducted entirely in Spanish, will prepare you to do all the tasks on the AP exam, such as:

- Interpret authentic written and audio texts

- Speak Spanish both conversationally and be able to give formal presentations

- Write correspondence and persuasive essays

- Think productively about Hispanic cultures and compare them to your own culture

- Understand and discuss issues pertaining to all of the themes covered in the AP Spanish exam, including contemporary life, families and communities, personal and public identity, science and technology, beauty and aesthetics, as well as global challenges

- Consider the intersection of these themes as well as connections to your own lives

Enroll in this course to prepare for the AP Spanish Language exam and refine your linguistic skills in the process. ¡Bienvenidos!

What you'll learn:

- Strategies for interpreting written and audio texts in Spanish, even when you don’t understand every word

- Strategies for starting, continuing, and ending a conversation in Spanish

- The formal conventions of letter writing

- How to make an effective and concise oral presentation

- How to write a well-argued and organized persuasive essay