Oct 11th 2016

AP® Psychology - Course 2: How the Brain Works (edX)

Learn how your brain works and the basics of neuroscience, genetics and consciousness. This psychology course will show you how the brain works. You will learn the basics of neuroscience, genetics and evolutionary psychology. We will also cover the visual system and other sensory systems. The course concludes with coverage of the variety of states of consciousness.

This course includes video-based lectures and demonstrations, interviews with real research psychologists and a plethora of practice questions to help prepare you for that AP® Psychology exam.

This is the second in a six-course AP® Psychology sequence designed to prepare you for the AP® Psychology exam.

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What you'll learn:

- The basics of neuroanatomy, neural transmission, and the endocrine system

- The basics of genetics

- An understanding of the field of evolutionary psychology

- The neuroscience and psychology of the visual system and your other sensory systems

- The psychology of perception and attention

- The variety of states of consciousness

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