May 25th 2017

AGRIMONITOR: Agricultural policy, food security and climate change (edX)

Learn the effects of agricultural policy in Latin America and the Caribbean using the AGRIMONITOR platform, developed by IDB to help analyze policies. As a consumer, for sure you know the price of the food that you consume daily. However, do you know why your food has this price and why it is different from the one that is has in other countries? Well, agricultural public policies are the ones that determine, among other factors, the price you have to pay for your food. In fact, did you know that these policies also impact in food security and climate change?

Do not miss the chance to learn how to analyze agricultural policies in Latin-America and the Caribbean, to learn their implications in food security and to understand their close connection with the environment and climate change. You will learn all this with ‘AGRIMONITOR’: a database created by IDB, that contains information about 18 countries in Latin-America and the Caribbean. AGRIMONITOR will be your ‘right-hand tool’ in the analysis of all these relevant topics.

In addition to the use of AGRIMONITOR, in the course you will find content videos in which Specialists from several organizations (IDB, FAO and OECD) will share their knowledge about the topics covered in the course, readings, IDB cases studies in which we promote public policy’ analysis, suggested readings, practical activities in order to apply the content you have learnt, and discussion forums where you and your classmates will discuss several topics starting with guiding questions.

Furthermore, if you obtain 90 points over 100 in the course, you will have the chance to participate in a competition, which will have two winners. Each winner will work on a research for the IDB Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Division, under the conditions stipulated by the Bank!

Join the course and examine which are the best agricultural public policies in your country.

AGRIMONITOR is waiting for you!

What you'll learn:

- Agricultural policies, their instruments, the effect on the economy and the agricultural sector in a specific country

- The Producer Support Estimate Methodology (PSE) and its importance in agricultural policy

- AGRIMONITOR as a useful way to explain agricultural policies in the region, compare trade policies and competitive strategies for their key products in selected countries in Latin-America and the Caribbean

- The effects of agriculture and agricultural policy on food security in Latin-America and the Caribbean

- The use of AGRIMONITOR to evaluate the effect of agricultural policies on food security and climate change in Latin-America and the Caribbean

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