May 9th 2017

Accessibilité numérique (FUN)

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With the main objective to help to develop digital accessibility, this course is structured around five key areas: increase awareness of disability situations, describe the issues raised by digital accessibility, outline the main general mechanisms implemented to promote the digital accessibility, present several existing technical solutions (operating systems, software, digital documents ...), present the fundamental concepts in respect of design and develop new digital accessible systems.

To make the course content accessible to the greatest number, a specific media player has been developed by INRIA, in collaboration with Braillenet association, following the existing recommendations for handicap situations of sensory and/or motor origins. It also offers appropriate features from a research program, to situations of disability issues of cognitive origin.

This course has been created by INRIA Learning Lab as part of the project Utop ( - Utop IDEFI is a project that aims to create a research promotion through training demonstrator.

Course Summary:

Semaine 1 : Introduction

Semaine 2: Computer System Accessibility

Semaine 3 : Digital Contents Accessibility

Semaine 4 : Design Methods

Semaine 5 : Digital Assistances

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