Feb 2nd 2015

Building Mobile Experiences (edX)

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A project-based course that guides students through creating a novel mobile application - from generative research to design, usability, implementation and field evaluation.

How do you design a mobile app that truly changes people's lives? How can you understand how a new service is being used, both quantitatively and qualitatively? How can you use all of the rich sensing and I/O capabilities of mobile devices to create experiences that go far beyond what's possible on a traditional computer?

Mobile devices are changing the ways that we interact with each other and information in the world. Mobile devices and rich sensing create vast new opportunities to create new experiences for people in their daily lives. This course will take students from a domain of interest, through generative research, design, usability, implementation and field evaluation of a novel mobile experience. The class is project based with many opportunities to share you work with other students and the world. Java experience (or Objective C for iOS users) as well as a smartphone is required.

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