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Sep 12th 2017

Ce MOOC est le premier volet du parcours La Fabrication Numérique. Apprenez à programmer un objet en utilisant l’électronique et le développement Arduino issu des FabLabs ! Grâce à ce MOOC, vous pourrez rapidement programmer et construire un objet interactif après avoir acquis les connaissances de base en électronique et en développement informatique.

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Sep 6th 2017

You don’t have to be a software developer to build valuable geo-enabled apps that make your communities smarter and businesses more successful. This course will show you how to combine location and narrative in one application to better communicate and broadcast your story, create custom web applications that solve problems in your community, and build powerful native applications for iOS and Android devices without touching a piece of code.

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Sep 5th 2017

Programmer sur un iPhone ou un iPad vous intéresse ? ce MOOC est fait pour vous. Il fait suite à la partie I et vous apprendra les concepts avancés (hiérarchies de vues et utilisation des capteurs). Notre vie quotidienne est fortement impactée par l'usage de nos smartphones et de nos tablettes. Il y a des applications pour presque tout : retoucher ses photos, consulter les horaires des trains, chercher une place de cinéma, choisir une recette de cuisine, se renseigner sur le traffic routier en temps réel, ou trouver les restaurants les plus proches.

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Self Paced

Learn, from Microsoft and W3C experts, how to take your Web pages from bland to bold with the power of CSS styling. Have you just begun your journey into Web development? This course will introduce you to the basics of Web design and teach you how to style your Web site for a professional look and feel.

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Self Paced

A new and updated introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5

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Aug 29th 2017

Join this free online course to learn how to build your first mobile app with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. This sdk enables you to quickly develop your own native enterprise apps, built with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language. Along with SAP Fiori for iOS, which includes reusable design components, you can build beautiful intuitive native business apps.

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Aug 21st 2017

Understand key programming concepts and apply them using Scratch, with this introductory course for primary or K-5 teachers. This free online course will provide a comprehensive introduction to programming, designed for non-subject-specialist primary or K-5 teachers.

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Aug 21st 2017

Las aplicaciones hoy en día, necesitan interactuar, comunicarse o utilizar otras aplicaciones. Al final del curso, crearás una aplicación iOS con capacidad de conectarse a un servidor de datos, procesarlos, almacenarlos y visualizarlos.

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Aug 21st 2017

In this course, you will use computers to creatively design web pages using HTML and CSS. You will then use Javascript to develop programs and algorithms--ways to get the computer to solve problems. As you progress, you will master the programming process that will be used through the remainder of the courses in this Specialization.

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Aug 21st 2017

How does Google Maps plan the best route for getting around town given current traffic conditions? How does an internet router forward packets of network traffic to minimize delay? How does an aid group allocate resources to its affiliated local partners? To solve such problems, we first represent the key pieces of data in a complex data structure. In this course, you’ll learn about data structures, like graphs, that are fundamental for working with structured real world data.

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Aug 21st 2017

This course deals with all things server-side. We base the entire course around the NodeJS platform. We start with a brief overview of the Web protocols: HTTP and HTTPS. We examine NodeJS and NodeJS modules: Express for building web servers. On the database side, we review basic CRUD operations, NoSQL databases, in particular MongoDB and Mongoose for accessing MongoDB from NodeJS. We examine the REST concepts and building a RESTful API.

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Aug 21st 2017

Building upon Duke’s “Programming and the Web for Beginners” course, you will grow in your ability to be a problem-solver and programmer by writing Java programs. We are excited that you've chosen to learn Java with us! You will soon be able to solve problems that you find interesting and useful by practicing a design process you will learn in this course.

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