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Diode - pn Junction and Metal Semiconductor Contact (Coursera)

This course presents in-depth discussion and analysis of pn junction and metal-semiconductor contacts including equilibrium behavior, current and capacitance responses under bias, breakdown, non-rectifying behavior, and surface effect. You'll work through sophisticated analysis and application to electronic [...]
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Semiconductor Physics (Coursera)

This course introduces basic concepts of quantum theory of solids and presents the theory describing the carrier behaviors in semiconductors. The course balances fundamental physics with application to semiconductors and other electronic devices.
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Requirements Writing (Coursera)

Welcome to "Requirements Writing". As the title indicates, over the next four weeks, we will be looking at the important task of writing of text-based requirement statements. The course takes you step by step through the rules for writing requirements statements in accordance with the "Guide for Writing Requirements" [...]
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Methods and Application in Human-Robot Interaction (edX)

Explore the two interaction modalities between humans and robots: verbal and emotional. Learn how to setup a study to evaluate the quality of the interaction from both, the robot’s and the human’s perspectives. Discover application areas for robots and what their role in the future society might be.
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Teoría de circuitos. Conceptos fundamentales en corriente continua (edX)

Este es el primero de una serie de MOOCs que cubren la asignatura de Teoría de Circuitos de primero de ingeniería de Telecomunicación. Se presentan de forma teórica y práctica los conceptos y leyes fundamentales que rigen los circuitos eléctricos.
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Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practice of Manufacturing (edX)

Sep 21st 2021
Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practice of Manufacturing (edX)
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Cell therapies, such as CAR-T and stem cell therapies, are an exciting new class of therapeutics with the potential to revolutionize medicine. Learn the biology, engineering, and analytical chemistry behind how these amazing new products are manufactured. The success of CAR-T cell therapies, driven by their unprecedented efficacy and [...]
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Photovoltaic Systems (Coursera)

This course offers you advanced knowledge within the field of photovoltaic system technology. We'll learn about the solar resource and how photovoltaic energy conversion is used to produce electric power. From this fundamental starting point we'll cover the design and fabrication of different solar cell and module technologies, the [...]
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The Conquest of Space: Space Exploration and Rocket Science (edX)

Explore the history of space travel and learn the basics of aerospace engineering. Space exploration plays a major role in the history of humankind. The cultural, political and sociological repercussions are extraordinary, and the amount of resources dedicated to space exploration is enormous. This aerospace course is a first [...]
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Caer o No caer. El secreto de las estructuras (edX)

Las estructuras están presentes en todos los sistemas que nos rodean. Descubrirlas y comprender cómo funcionan es sencillo y fascinante. Las estructuras están implicadas en nuestras vidas: las plantas, los animales, casi todo lo que fabrica el ser humano, incluso nuestro propio cuerpo, deben soportar una serie de fuerzas [...]
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Electrónica Digital Bit a Bit: Diseñando circuitos complejos (Coursera)

Los circuitos digitales más complejos como memorias y procesadores, que contienen millones de transistores gracias a su reducido tamaño, pueden ser divididos en circuitos más simples ya conocidos para facilitar su diseño e implementación. Lo mismo podemos realizar utilizando Verilog para diseñar circuitos digitales complejos que realizan muchas funciones [...]
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