Mar 28th 2016

Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (edX)

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Discover how biomedical imaging technologies are complementary and what information they provide to health professionals. Imaging technologies form a significant component of the health budgets of all developed economies, and most people need advanced imaging such as MRIs, X-Rays and CT Scans (or CAT Scans) during their life. Many of us are aware of the misinformation sometimes offered in TV dramas, which either exaggerates the benefits or overemphasizes the risks.

This medical imaging course provides an introduction to biomedical imaging and modern imaging modalities. The course also covers the basic scientific principals behind each modality, and introduces some of the key applications, from neurological diseases to cancers. This course includes modules specially designed for the general public, whilst also providing some advanced modules which could contribute to professional development in health, engineering and IT industries.

What you'll learn:

- Why there is a need for different imaging modalities

- The basic principles of each modality and the terminology used

- The patient experience and why things happen during the imaging procedure

- How to select the most suitable modality for a given clinical case

- How to provide basic advice on imaging modalities to your peers

Additionally, in the 'advanced' sections in the course you'll learn:

- How an image is reconstructed / visualized OR

- The principles of image post-processing