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Jun 20th 2016

Here’s your chance to review the fundamental processes of mathematics with emphasis on problem-solving techniques.

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Calculus is about the very large, the very small, and how things change. The surprise is that something seemingly so abstract ends up explaining the real world. Calculus plays a starring role in the biological, physical, and social sciences. By focusing outside of the classroom, we will see examples of calculus appearing in daily life.

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Jun 22nd 2015

Ce cours donne les connaissances fondamentales liées aux fonctions trigonométriques, logarithmiques et exponentielles.

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May 22nd 2015

This course provides a brisk, entertaining treatment of differential and integral calculus, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and applications to the engineering, physical, and social sciences.

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Curso de Trigonometría Plana que trata los conceptos básicos: sistema de medición de ángulos, razones trigonométricas del triángulo rectángulo, razones trigonométricas para cualquier ángulo, identidades trigonométricas, ecuaciones trigonométricas, ley de senos, teorema del coseno y aplicaciones de la trigonometría.

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This 12-hour animated trigonometry series includes a workbook and visualizations that could be useful as a pre-calculus learning/teaching tool.

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