E.g., Sunday, February 7, 2016
E.g., Sunday, February 7, 2016
E.g., Sunday, February 7, 2016
Self Paced

This course follows on from FE & RM Part I. We will consider portfolio optimization, risk management and some advanced examples of derivatives pricing that draw from structured credit, real options and energy derivatives. We will also cast a critical eye on how financial models are used in practice.

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Jan 18th 2016

Risks are a part of our everyday lives. Losses from risks and missed opportunities affect everyone. In the last two decades the world has experienced international integration, technological innovation, and economic reform, but also financial turbulence and environmental damage. The fear of loss can prevent people from pursuing development opportunities, leaving many poor people trapped in poverty. However, societies that successfully adapt to risks can make dramatic gains in their living standards.

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Nov 2nd 2015

This course is an introduction risk and return and a study of bonds and stocks. Although introductory, it will enable college students and working professionals to understand and analyze many personal and professional decisions they confront on a daily basis.

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Self study

The Business Management Major is designed to prepare students for a leadership role in today’s highly competitive, global business environment.

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Aug 26th 2014

In this course, you will explore several structured, risk management approaches that guide information security decision-making.

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Jun 2nd 2014

Health professionals and students and health consumers interested in learning about patient safety will acquire foundational knowledge of the principles of the science and culture of safety in healthcare in this five-week course.

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