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Jul 25th 2016

For three decades and longer we have heard educators and technologists making a case for the transformative power of technology in learning. However, despite the rhetoric, in many ways and at most institutional sites, education is still relatively untouched by technology. Even when technologies are introduced, the changes sometimes seem insignificant and the results seem disappointing. If the print textbook is replaced by an e-book, do the social relations of knowledge and learning necessarily change at all or for the better? If the pen-and-paper test is mechanized, does this change the nature of our assessment systems? Technology, in other words, need not necessarily bring significant change. Technology might not even represent a step forward in education.

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Jul 11th 2016

This course provides teachers with the foundation for understanding the movement towards virtual instruction. It introduces fundamental knowledge needed by teachers to succeed in a technology-dependent, instructional environment. You will explore the history of online learning and understand how a variety of delivery models are evolving in the K-12 environment, ranging from completely online to hybrid or blended classrooms.

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May 30th 2016

El curso proporciona una introducción al uso de la plataforma de e-learning Moodle desde el punto de vista del docente. En ocho módulos que se impartirán durante dos meses, el usuario aprenderá a diseñar, planificar y gestionar un curso en la plataforma, adquiriendo un nivel de uso suficiente para la utilización de la plataforma Moodle para apoyar su labor docente tanto presencial como online.

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Feb 15th 2016

Design effective e-learning that tells powerful, real-life stories, in health and other sectors, with this free online course.

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Nov 16th 2015

El curso brinda al participante las competencias necesarias para seleccionar y organizar los recursos educativos dentro de un curso virtual, el diseño e implementación de actividades virtuales haciendo uso de las herramientas que ofrece la plataforma Moodle para cursos virtuales.

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Sep 28th 2015

This course provides an introduction to elearning expectations; elearning basic skills and strategies; and elearning resources which support student success. This course is designed for students interested in taking online college courses and/or becoming more successful online college students. There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Aug 9th 2015

This free course is designed for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university, a company or just personal interest! The four-week course is also a great opportunity to connect with the vibrant Moodle community dedicated to sharing resources, ideas and anything that could help inspire better teaching practices everywhere.

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Mar 23rd 2015

This competency-based, skill-building course will help non-U.S. students, first generation immigrants and foreign-born professionals better understand and master American eLearning as well as other U.S. virtual environments for college and career success.

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Jan 26th 2015

Say “no more” to online course designs that create isolated and unsupported learning environments. It is clear that the construction and delivery of eLearner materials need to be different from traditional classroom techniques, and the support for participants needs to be stronger. This course enables those involved in delivering or supporting eLearning activities to experience and explore what it means to be an eLearner, as well as explore the current evidence and research into this important and developing area. The course is highly interactive, and uses a wide variety of online techniques and tools.

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Nov 3rd 2014

This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for the ways in which we conduct education online. The course is not about how to ‘do’ e-learning; rather, it is an invitation to view online educational practices through a particular lens – that of popular and digital culture.

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Mar 10th 2014

The Carpe Diem process provides an efficient course development framework that enables innovative course design and delivery for digital and blended courses. It is a highly collaborative learning design method that enables you to design, develop and deliver innovative courses.

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Jan 28th 2013

This is an introductory course on the fundamentals of online education.

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Jan 13th 2013

This course will focus on some of the recently popularized technologies, literacies and related topics such as social/participatory media, blended/online learning environments.

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