E.g., Sunday, February 14, 2016
E.g., Sunday, February 14, 2016
E.g., Sunday, February 14, 2016
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The Apache™ Hadoop® project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Learn the fundamental principles behind it, and how you can use its power to make sense of your Big Data.

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Explore the privacy issues of an interconnected world.

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Learn what it takes to become a data scientist.

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This FREE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) investigates the use of clouds running data analytics collaboratively for processing Big Data to solve problems in Big Data Applications and Analytics. Case studies such as Netflix recommender systems, Genomic data, and more will be discussed.

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Self Paced

A real Caltech course, not a watered-down version. This is an introductory course in machine learning (ML) that covers the basic theory, algorithms, and applications.

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Feb 15th 2016

Learn how you can predict customer demand and preferences by using the data that is all around you.

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Jan 25th 2016

Learn how to use Hadoop technologies in Microsoft Azure HDInsight to process big data in this five week, hands-on course.

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Jan 19th 2016

With SAP HANA platform, you can gain real insights from your unstructured textual data. The platform provides search, text analysis, and text mining functionality for unstructured text sources. Learn how full natural-language processing capabilities support linguistic analysis and entity and relationship extraction for your enterprise in-memory data. In addition, you will apply statistical algorithms that enable you to detect patterns in large document collections, including key term identification and document categorization. This is the first course in our new SAP HANA Core Knowledge series that provides insight into special features on the SAP HANA platform.

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Self Paced Course - Start anytime

Data Manipulation and Retrieval. In this course, we will explore how to wrangle data from diverse sources and shape it to enable data-driven applications. Some data scientists spend the bulk of their time doing this!

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Oct 15th 2015

Aprenda a utilizar as novas metodologias de big data para a análise de grandes bancos de dados e para a melhoria dos processos de tomada de decisão.

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Dec 7th 2015

Le MOOC « Fondamentaux pour le big data » permet d'acquérir efficacement le niveau prérequis en informatique et en statistiques pour suivre des formations dans le domaine du big data.

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Nov 2nd 2015

Learn how to use Hadoop technologies like HBase, Storm, and Apache Spark in Microsoft Azure HDInsight to create real-time analytical solutions.

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Sep 15th 2015

Learn various methods of analysis including: unsupervised clustering, gene-set enrichment analyses, Bayesian integration, network visualization, and supervised machine learning applications to LINCS data and other relevant Big Data from high content molecular and phenotype profiling of human cells.

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Aug 25th 2015

Learn why and how knowledge management and Big Data are vital to the new business era.

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Aug 24th 2015

Learn how to use the cloud and write programs for data analytics.

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Jul 1st 2015

Learn how and when to use key methods for educational data mining and learning analytics on large-scale educational data.

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Jun 23rd 2015

Big Data is an extraordinary knowledge revolution that is sweeping through business, academia, government, healthcare, and everyday life. It enables us to provide a healthier life for our children, ensure safety and independence for older people, conserve precious resources like water and energy, and peer into our own individual, genetic makeup. The term “Big Data” describes the accumulation and analysis of vast amounts of information. But Big Data is much more than big data. It’s also the ability to extract meaning: to sort through masses of numbers and find the hidden patterns and unexpected correlations.
You’ll learn from use cases what it takes to extract that value from Big Data, and...

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Jun 1st 2015

Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big (and small) data.

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Apr 20th 2015

Join us to explore how the vast amounts of data generated today can help us understand and even predict how humans behave.

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May 12th 2015

Learn about the value, opportunity, and insights that Big Data provides. Get introduced to the Federation Business Data Lake solution to leverage the full power of big data to drive major business strategies.

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