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Public Health focuses on the health of entire populations, fighting disease on a massive scale.

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Starts early 2016

This free online course is a technical ear training programme designed to improve critical listening in a music studio context.

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Oct 10th 2016

Este curso empieza con una introducción a la cocina a baja temperatura y después se centra en la cocina al vacío y, más en especial, en las cocciones al vacío. Se explican las diferencias entre los dos principales tipos de cocciones (directas e indirectas) y se describen otras elaboraciones que se pueden realizar gracias a la técnica del vacío. A lo largo de todo el curso se combinan los conceptos con recetas de El Celler de Can Roca y demostraciones prácticas.

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Oct 3rd 2016

How can we make robots see like we do? Learn how we make robots perceive the world around them in this exciting six-week course, delivered by Professor Peter Corke. Robotic Vision introduces you to the field of computer vision and the mathematics and algorithms that underpin it. You'll learn how to interpret images to determine the colour, size, shape and position of objects in the scene.We'll work with you to build an intelligent vision system that can recognise objects of different colours and shapes.

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Sep 26th 2016

Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à bien programmer en Python. On vous mènera des premiers pas dans le langage à l'étude des concepts les plus évolués au travers de nombreuses vidéos courtes, d'exercices et de mini-projets.

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Sep 19th 2016

This course 'Unethical decision making in organizations : A seminar on the dark side of the force' will teach you how strong organizational contexts push good people towards unethical decisions. You will also learn how to protect yourself and your organization against such forces lurking in the dark.

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Sep 14th 2016

Los objetivos del curso son profundizar en el abordaje integral e interdisciplinar partiendo de nuestra experiencia en la Unidad de Deterioro Cognitivo del Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla de los principales tipos de demencias así como en los últimos avances en diagnóstico, tratamiento y manejo.

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Sep 12th 2016

This course will provide a foundational overview of evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing and health sciences, including the seven steps of the EBP process as well as research supported strategies for implementing EBP in real world settings. The course will be taught by internationally renowned experts in EBP who will share their knowledge and skills gained through decades of work with hundreds of healthcare organizations across the nation and the globe. The course will include lectures, readings, and skill building activities.

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Sep 5th 2016

This course will teach you the first principles of complexity, uncertainty and how to make decisions in a complex world.

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Sep 5th 2016

Learn the techniques of Engineering Mechanics, use them to interpret experiments and apply them to design. When you design anything, how do you know that the design will work? You need Engineering Mechanics - the science-based analysis that engineers use to predict how their designs will perform, so they can meet their responsibilities for performance and safety. It starts with physics - forces, equilibrium, acceleration, gravity - but then engineers adapt it to their own purposes.

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Aug 29th 2016

Current and future public health is characterized by the increase of chronic and degenerative diseases, corresponding to the worldwide ageing of the population. The increasing prevalence of these conditions together with the long incubation period of the chronic diseases and the restless technological innovations, offer new opportunities to develop strategies for early diagnosis.

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Aug 25th 2016

Gain insights on managing risks, liquidity and solvency, securitization, credit derivatives and regulation in the context of banking and financial markets.

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Aug 24th 2016

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language. And it is useful to know about the language when coming to China for travel or business. This is an ABC Chinese course for beginners, including introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After taking this class, learners can have a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and make basic conversations of daily living such as exchanging personal information, talking about daily arrangements and food, asking about price, introducing the city and the weather, telling your hobbies etc.

Average: 6.5 (16 votes)
Aug 22nd 2016

This course examines how the idea of "the modern" develops at the end of the 18th century in European philosophy and literature, and how being modern (or progressive, or hip) became one of the crucial criteria for understanding and evaluating cultural change.

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Aug 22nd 2016

This course is an introduction to the study of bodies in motion as applied to engineering systems and structures. We will study the dynamics of particle motion and bodies in rigid planar (2D) motion. This will consist of both the kinematics and kinetics of motion. Kinematics deals with the geometrical aspects of motion describing position, velocity, and acceleration, all as a function of time. Kinetics is the study of forces acting on these bodies and how it affects their motion.

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Aug 22nd 2016

The blues is an American art form and the most important musical form in jazz. Although there are other formal paradigms of the blues, such as 8-bar or 16-bar, this course focuses on different incarnations of the 12-bar blues. There are considerable differences between Early Jazz blues, Swing blues, Bebop blues, Modal blues, and Post Bop blues. Each type has its unique harmonic syntax, melodic vocabulary and, associated with them, improvisational techniques. While other aspects of jazz performance practice have been constantly changing from one stylistic convention to another, the blues has never lost its identity and expressive power, and continues to exert a powerful influence on the harmonic and melodic syntax of jazz.

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Aug 22nd 2016

The mouth is the window into human health. This course provides an overview of dental medicine to engage, educate, excite and assist you in improving the oral health of your patients and members of your community.

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Aug 22nd 2016

There’s a songwriter lurking somewhere inside you, peeking around corners, wondering if it’s safe to come out. Now it is. This course is an invitation to let your inner songwriter step into the sunlight. All it takes is a simple “yes” and you’ll be climbing that windy hill, marveling at the view. If you haven’t written any or many songs, this course will show you an efficient, effective process for tailoring songs to express your ideas and emotions. If you have, you’ll look at your process differently, taking control of aspects of the process you may have not noticed.

Average: 8.4 (22 votes)
Aug 22nd 2016

Computer graphics can be a powerful tool for supporting visual problem solving, and interactivity plays a central role in harnessing the users' creativity. This course will introduce various interactive tools developed in computer graphics research field with their design rationales and algorithms.

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Aug 22nd 2016

Evidence forms the basis of modern medicine. Clinical research provides us with this evidence, guiding health professionals towards solutions to problems that they face in daily practice. Transferring existing problems in medical practice to a research setting is a challenging process that requires careful consideration. The practice of clinical epidemiology aims to address this through the application of established approaches for research in human populations, while at all times focussing on the problem at hand from a clinical perspective.

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