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Aug 30th 2016

This is a course about dementia looking at a broad range of topics including,basic brain anatomy, pathology, dementia research, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, medical management, living with dementia, progression and staging, palliation, behaviours and therapeutic approaches.

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Jun 20th 2016

Consiste en la introducción al software Scratch y los fundamentos del construccionismo y el pensamiento computacional. El curso empieza con una introducción sobre los fundamentos de Scratch: el construccionismo y el pensamiento computacional. A partir de ahí el curso es muy práctico, se explica el funcionamiento básico de Scratch y se descubren todas sus potencialidades a partir de actividades guiadas.

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Jun 1st 2016

Discover Palestine is the first English language certified Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Palestinian history, archaeology, culture, and heritage.
 Discover Palestine will explore the ancient land of Palestine. We will learn about the geographical and ecological makeup of the land, the different types of agriculture and water installations that have been adopted by various groups over the centuries, as well as trade and other relations between groups. We will also learn about the art, architecture and technology of the different periods covered by this course.

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May 16th 2016

This eight-week course explores the basic structure and uses of SNOMED CT. Instructional materials are featured from the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) and supplemented with learning activities, discussion forum for information exchange and instructor support.This course provides information about the use of SNOMED CT in healthcare technology applications leveraging the recently published Starter Guide from IHTSDO.

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Apr 25th 2016

Das Internet der Dinge zieht in die Fabrik. Wir befinden uns am Beginn der vierten industriellen Revolution – Industrie 4.0. Sie wandelt nicht nur die Produktionslogik, sondern fordert auch die Geschäftsmodelle vieler deutscher Unternehmen heraus. Aus Wertschöpfungsketten werden Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke, intelligente Produkte werden zu Plattformen für innovative Dienstleistungen, Produktionsprozesse und Logistik können in Echtzeit optimiert werden. Die digital vernetzte Produktion soll Ressourcen schonen und Flexibilität zugunsten der Arbeitnehmer ermöglichen.
Doch wie können Unternehmen diesen Wandel mitgestalten? Wie können sie Ihr Know-how auch in der Cloud schützen, ihre Mitarbeiter mitnehmen und wie kann die schrittweise Einführung von Industrie 4.0-Technologien im Unternehmen gelingen?

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Apr 18th 2016

The MOOC Discover Don Quijote de la Mancha invites you to experience a one-of-a-kind learning adventure! Use strategy and wit to overcome unique challenges, and earn badges representing the greatest knights of all time.

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Apr 15th 2016

Toutes les clés pour décider si oui ou non vous devez vous lancer dans l'entrepreneuriat et comment faire au mieux pour réussir.

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Apr 4th 2016

The current global labour market demands specific knowledge and abilities in order to gain personal competences in the work placement. Finding a job abroad or overseas is not easy, moreover you need to have a good command of English and an accurate use of the English language.This course is addressed to everybody who wants to succeed in finding a job abroad. It will last 4 weeks and it will be divided in 4 modules of 4 sessions or steps each one. In it, we will deal with the key strategies to go through a successful job interview; we will help you to write a neat and accurate English CV, and to learn the tips for an effective job application letter.

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Apr 3rd 2016

Elmhurst College’s Skills for the Digital Earth MOOC (massive open online course) is a 4-week, online course designed to introduce how location technologies are used in society. The Digital Earth MOOC is being offered through Desire2Learn (D2L) Open Courses.

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This is a free course that explains what innovation is and provides some amazing examples of what innovation has achieved. It also makes the distinction between creativity and innovation.

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Mar 16th 2016

Explore how location analytics can be used in business.

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Mar 14th 2016

How will the world meet the energy demands of future generations? This MOOC explores the new and upcoming energy technologies that may help solve some of the world’s biggest energy challenges.

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Mar 14th 2016

Gain a thorough understanding of the oil and gas chain. Examine the operations deployed by the petroleum industry in order to find oil and gas, convert crude oil into oil products and ship them to consumers.

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Self Paced

CPR/BLS course covering adult, child, and infant procedures. The course includes choking protocols and the use of an AED.

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Mar 7th 2016

This training modulus is meant to introduce you into grounds of Project Management. You will become be capable of designing and conducting a small project, of presiding a Meeting, of negotiating the goals, to ensuring efficient collaborations within the team, had optimising the use of Internet.

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Birth, Marriage and Death certificates (BMDs for short) are critical to any family historian looking to research their UK ancestry. This short course will provide background, illustrations and interactive quiz questions to help you understand the key points and take your research further.

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With our growing appetite for electrical and electronic products, combined with rapid innovation and ever-shorter product lifespans, e-waste has now become one of the fast growing waste streams.
This course will help the participant to understand why and how we must manage e-waste in an environmentally sound manner and how we can take action on e-waste in their own life, business, or organization.

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Feb 9th 2016

O MOOC "Desenvolvimento de Contéudos Acessíveis" surge no seguimento de um trabalho desenvolvido pelo projeto de cooperação ESVI-AL que tem por objetivo contribuir para uma Educação Superior Virtual Inclusiva na América Latina. Assegurar sistemas de educação inclusivos a todos os níveis, assim como a formação ao longo da vida é um compromisso dos Estados que fazem parte da Organização das Nações Unidas e que em 2006 subscreveram a Convenção sobre os Direitos das Pessoas com Deficiência. Segundo esta Convenção cada país deve assegurar que as pessoas com deficiência tenham acesso à educação primária e secundária, à educação superior, à formação profissional, à educação de adultos e à formação ao longo da vida, sem discriminação e em igualdade de condições em relação a todas as pessoas.

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Jan 25th 2016

Have you ever thought about how medicines are made and how safe they are? What do Pharmaceutical Manufactures and NASA have in common? Join our FREE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and learn these answers and more.

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Self Paced

La récursion est un phénomène intriguant que ce cours expose, explore, explicite. Découvrez la récursion, programmez récursif, manipulez les données récursives que sont listes et arbres, le tout interactivement avec des exercices à correction automatisée.
Vous voulez savoir, comprendre, maîtriser ce qu'est la récursion ?

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